About Loot

Loot was created with one goal in mind: provide the world's freshest smokable hemp flower on the market. And we've done it!

This is no simple task, in fact, it's more of an art. Each strain is sourced from certified growers to ensure high quality hemp, eye-popping aesthetics, and clean genetics. Each nug is then individually trimmed and cured to ensure optimum smoke ability and enjoyment.

Finally, the manicured treasure is canned in nitrogen to ensure freshness for up to 3 years. (Fun fact: studies have shown that nitrogen canned flower intensifies the terpene profile of the flower over time, so it ages like a fine smokable wine).

So kick back, crack a can, smoke some Loot and enjoy!

What is Hemp Flower? 

To be clear, Hemp flower for smoking is a variety of cannabis that contains less than .3% Δ9THC. Generally, CBD flower is classified as Hemp while THC-laden cannabis is classified as Marijuana. While both hemp and marijuana plants are considered cannabis and often look indistinguishable, there are two stark differences in their effects and legality. 

    1. Smoking Hemp will NOT get you high, smoking Δ9THC laden marijuana will cause euphoria & intoxication.

    2. Smoking CBD rich hemp is federally legal, Δ9THC laden marijuana is not.

In the United States, since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, any cannabis strain containing less than .3% Δ9THC is classified as legal hemp and any cannabis strain containing Δ9THC levels above .3% are classified as Marijuana. For this very reason, Loot Hemp has taken the designer cannabis approach. We source and contract with some of the finest farms in North America to grow our specialized cannabis strains to contain high levels of CBD and extremely low and legal Δ9THC levels. As a result, Loot CBD flower will not get you high, and to ensure our products are true to label, we use strict third-party lab testing to verify each strain of Loot contains the correct amount of CBD and always less than .3% Δ9THC.

It is important to note that studies have shown that full-spectrum Hemp products (those tested to contain trace amounts Δ9THC) are optimal for achieving the synergistic “entourage effect” of the beneficial cannabis compounds. While the Δ9THC levels in Loot CBD are too low to get you “high” you will still reap the benefits as it is believed CBD, Δ9THC and a host of other cannabinoids work best when they are all present. You can trust that Loot CBD Flower contains the most premium hemp buds available for the best smoking experience, relaxation, and results.

Biomass Hemp Flower vs. Premium Grade Hemp Flower

Choose your Hemp Flower Brand wisely. Why? There are two distinct grades of hemp flower available on the market today: Biomass hemp flower vs. premium grade hemp flower. Biomass Hemp Flower is low-grade cannabis with characteristics including the mild smell of hay or grass, low to no terpenes, very leafy with only small buds, and is generally grown outdoors in large quantities. We guarantee you will not find biomass hemp in your Loot CBD Flower container. Loot exclusively sources premium grade hemp flower and selects only the finest hand-trimmed buds to deliver strong, terpene-rich aromas, little to no shake, and high CBD content from cannabis plants that are generally grown indoors or within a greenhouse. Premium Hemp Flower is not only good for smoking, our sister brand GRN CBD also uses them for extracting CBD for use in full-spectrum CBD Oil, lotions, bath bombs, and convenient edibles like gummy bears.

For more about Loot and our partners visit the CBD.io Marketplace for additional CBD education, brands, resources, and business opportunities.