What To Look For In CBD Hemp Flowers

Since the legalization of hemp in 2018 in the US, the market is now oversaturated with different kinds of hemp flowers and the options can be overwhelming and confusing. We’ve created three simple questions to ask yourself or the Budtender when you’re purchasing hemp flowers: 

  1. How much CBD is in the hemp flower?
  2. What’s the terpene profile of the hemp flower? 
  3. What does the lab result say about the quality of the hemp flower? 

Finding out more information on the CBD content, terpene, and quality can make all the difference between selecting a generic hemp flower to a premium one. 

1. How much CBD is in the hemp flower? 

With all cannabis flowers, it’s important to always check the ratio and amounts of CBD and THC in each serving. All hemp flowers should contain less than 0.3% THC, so they won’t make you high. However, the amount of CBD content can vary between 5-20%. A low CBD percentage means that you might not be able to fully gain the benefits of the CBD product. It might not be as effective to treat issues such as anxiety, ailments, or sleep disorders. 

At Loot, we source from reputable cultivators and our hemp flowers are specially grown for their high CBD content. Our range of hemp flowers contain between 10-20% of CBD content.

hemp CBD flower buds

2. What’s the terpene profile of the hemp flower?  

A hemp flower with high CBD content doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit how you want to feel. Ever realize how some CBD products can make you more alert whilst others can make you feel drowsy? This is because of the natural compound found in cannabis called terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds that give flowers, plants, and fruits their unique fragrances and are found in essential oils. In hemp flowers, terpenes also give the strains a distinct flavor and aromatic profile. From earthy and woody notes, to sweet berry-like flavors. 

Similar to how essential oils work, each terpene can affect your mind and body differently. For example limonene can make you more productive, whilst mycerene can make you more sleepy. 

When selecting hemp flowers, it’s important to note the terpenes as it can impact the aroma, flavor and the therapeutic benefits you’re seeking.

3. What does the lab result say about the quality of the hemp flower? 

Hemp flowers might look the same on face value, but how a strain is grown and where it’s grown can affect the quality and safety of the plant. Each strain should have its own lab report and it’s important to note if the test was conducted by an independent, third-party lab tester to ensure transparency. Things to look for in a lab report: 

  • Total cannabinoids.
  • CBD concentration. 
  • Pesticides. 
  • Potential contaminants such as bacteria, fungus, and mycotoxins. 

Loot offers third-party lab results for all our products to provide quality assurance across all our strains. 

CBD hemp flowers lab results

Taste and feel the difference with Loot premium-grade hemp flowers

Loot uses premium-grade hemp flowers as opposed to biomass hemp flowers to ensure consistent quality with every batch. Biomass flower is low-grade cannabis that is often grown in large quantities and contains little to no terpenes and also low amounts of CBD. Biomass flowers often smell like hay or dry grass and interfere with the taste of the flowers. 

Loot only uses premium-grade flowers that are exclusively sourced. Each bud is hand-trimmed to ensure rich terpene profiles and CBD levels. Loot’s premium hemp flowers provide you with an enjoyable smoking experience every time.