• The Differences Between Hemp Flowers and Marijuana

    When you compare a hemp flower bud to marijuana, they can both look and can even smell the same. That is because both plants can come from the cannabis sativa family, giving them both a similar shape and terpene profiles. 
  • 5 Most Popular Terpenes Found in CBD Hemp Flowers & How They Work

    We often get asked why a certain CBD hemp flower can make you feel more energized, whilst another one helps to promote sleep instead. The answer lies in the terpene profile found in each strain. 
  • What To Look For In CBD Hemp Flowers

    Finding the right CBD hemp flower can be confusing, so we’ve created three simple questions to ask yourself or the Budtender when you’re purchasing hemp flowers.
  • 3 Benefits Of Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

    We see a lot of edibles infused with CBD oils, but did you know that you can directly smoke CBD as a hemp plant? Often with CBD extraction processes, you lose out on the other benefits the hemp plant has to offer. Here’s your guide on why smoking CBD-enriched hemp flowers can be beneficial for you. 
  • Will CBD Hemp Flower Get Me High? Answering A Commonly Asked Question

    Hemp will not get you high, although it’s derived from the same plant species as marijuana. The biggest thing that distinguishes hemp from marijuana is THC, scientifically referred to as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Hemp is rich in CBD and often has less than 0.3% of THC. While marijuana can have anywhere between 5-20